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WOM - World of Movement - Image Videos 

World of Movement - Fitness Festival

World of Movement- short : WOM’s goal is to bring movement, a new form of training to the people. They will organize a festival annually, which is targeted to inspire and motivate people to get together and enjoy a close community of likemindedness. 

The problem with movement being a new form of training is that most people don’t understand what it’s all about. The goal of this movie was to show the different forms of training and to create an emotional, motivational bond to the shown images. 

This festival aims to better every participants life. It was an honour and a joy to work with them, to build something meaningful and to be part of something bigger. We made several videos together showing the capability and meaning of movement in terms of fitness, training, mindfulness, mindset and community.

But this was only the beginning. The long term goal for WORLD OF MOVEMENT is to inspire, transpire and to convey the message of a movement philosophy. So we created a series for the different coaches to talk about their connection to the movement culture.